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RobustEnergy offers innovative energy solutions / services including microturbine combined heat and power (MTCHP), combustion turbine CHP, and engine driven CHP for individual buildings or campus energy systems.
  • Energy in the form of thermal (chilled, hot or steam) and/or power
  • Prospective LEEDŽNC buildings and existing facilities
  • Critical infrastructure (CHP-CI) projects
  • Opportunity fuels - renewables or O&G

Electrical and Thermal Energy
  • Energy in the form of thermal (chilled, hot or steam) and/or power delivered through
    • Turbine, microturbine, or engine with advanced heat recovery (AHR) in individual building or campus district energy (DE)
    • Building-integrated solution portfolio ranging from energy information systems, equipment controls apparatus, chillers and thermal energy storage (TES),
      • Risk aversion matrix on part of target customer
      • Cost
      • Security / reliability
      • Environmental
LEEDŽNC buildings
  • Prospective LEEDŽNC buildings and existing facilities to install new systems or aging equipment replacement using advanced MTCHP, CHP, AHR, and DE technologies vs. status quo chiller / boiler
    • Hotels-especially boutique hotels with heated pools and onsite laundry
    • Condominiums-particularly larger than 100K square feet
    • Senior Centers and Nursing Homes-public and private facilities that must shelter in place as CI or for protection of fragile citizens
    • Sports complex facilities that use large amounts of hot water or cooling 24/7 such as community and private gymnasiums, pools, and spas
    • Critical infrastructure (CHP-CI) projects (below)
Critical Infrastructure Expertise
  • Critical infrastructure (CHP-CI) projects using modular CHP co-branded by RobustEnergy and manufacturers
    • Direct marketing and sales to State subdivisions-agencies, City, County, school and water districts
    • Subject matter experts on SECO guidelines for CI educational and solutions delivery to facilitate adoption by civil servants
    • Disaster preparedness and mitigation on part of target client that effectively acts as insurance from loss of life, property, or production interruption
CHP Critical Infrastructure Applications
  • CHP Critical Infrastructure applications required by law or similar private facilities
    • Hospitals and other round-the-clock medical facilities
    • Nursing homes and senior centers
    • Command / control safe-house and centers
    • Prisons / jails or other incarceration units both public and privately run
    • Police / fire stations where law enforcement and/or emergency personnel are housed
    • Communications / data centers required to ensure public or private functionality
    • Food prep / storage for continuing provisions after disaster
    • Hazardous waste storage requiring constant safeguarding
    • Wastewater treatment and bioregeneration facilities necessary for society to function (below)
Opportunity Fuels
  1. Opportunity fuels - renewables or O&G Renewables like biomass / biogas for conversion to useful energy rather than dispersed into atmosphere and aerobic and anaerobic digestion
    1. Landfill gas (LFG) from existing and active municipal sites
    2. Municipal solid waste streams tail gas from recycling plastics and other petroleum based products
    3. Bioregeneration at wastewater treatment digesters
    4. Cellulosic agriculture products digesters
    5. Dairy manure digesters (feedlot consistency limitations)
    6. Biomass
  2. Oil and Gas capture and tail gas
    1. Oil and gas processing and compressor station
    2. Oil field associated vapors and liquid vaporization
    3. Gas field methane and other carbon-hydrogen gases
    4. Gas pipeline tail gas
    5. Pipeline natural gas
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