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Energy Security Energy Security
RobustEnergy's design will keep your power, hot water, and cooling on, even when Mother Nature has other plans. Protect yourself and company with ENERGY SECURITY.

Texas political leaders "get the message of CHP". Keeping public buildings in operation when the electric grid goes down can be a life or death challenge. The law of the State of Texas is clear; public buildings over 500 kW in electric demand must perform a CHP feasibility assessment that will indicate the value of CHP for their building: http://txsecurepower.org/

  • Keep the lights on, even if your neighbors go dark
  • Mission critical buildings are not interrupted during natural disasters
  • On-site CHP is more reliable than a traditional central utility plant - enables two independent sources of fuel
RobustEnergy will perform financial and technical feasibility of using CHP to keep your building operational without support of the grid. CHP Energy provides electrical power, cooling and heating.

Eco-Friendly Eco-Friendly
RobustEnergy is the environmental leader for greener and cleaner power production. Help dramatically reduce the carbon (CO2) footprint and the smog causing pollutant NOx. Help your community's air environment become and remain clean.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency would like to see CHP in all buildings. Please contact RobustEnergy for assistance in using the EPA's CHP programs: www.epa.gov/chp/.

Sustainability Sustainability
RobustEnergy will maximize your energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. This can result in maximum LEED ® points. Visit the USGBC website for methodology on CHP. Green Globes and EPA Portfolio manager will also score well with the unsurpassed energy efficiencies of CHP.

Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency
CHP Energy consists of chilled water cooling, steam or hot water heating, and electricity. RobustEnergy will gain you maximum efficiency with a CHP Energy System. Efficiencies of CHP range from 65% to over 90%.
  • 30% improvement over ASHRAE 90.1 2004 efficiency standard
  • Earn rebates and incentives from utility efficiency programs
  • Use less energy, use less water, make more power available to others
  • Defer building new power plants
The United States Department of Energy would like to see one of every five kilowatt hours of your electricity be generated by a CHP system. This huge increase in energy efficiency is a DOE goal with benefits to all citizens of Earth.

Read the DOE's report  

Financial Integrity Financial Integrity
RobustEnergy's on-site energy system will produce cooling, heating, and power saving of 10% or more when compared to traditional central plants by:
  • Reducing your costs for chilled water cooling by 10%
  • Reducing your costs for hot water or steam by 10%
  • Stabilizing electricity costs for the long term
RobustEnergy will perform financial feasibility of using CHP to reduce your building operational costs. CHP Energy provides non-financial benefits such as business continuity during storms and reduction in carbon footprint.