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RobustEnergy - Project Development, Design, and Engineering

By reflecting on years of experience of what works and what does not work, RobustEnergy can provide a superior approach for meeting customer needs and minimizing financial and technical risks. RobustEnergy understands that many decision makers tend to choose energy solutions that look a lot like the status quo. We have often heard, "It's done that way because it works". Too often, the status quo is actually more difficult and costly to build than the RobustEnergy solution.

RobustEnergy takes pride in offering innovative solutions that create a number of value attributes that distinguish our customers as a cut above their competition. Why settle for LEED® Silver, when you could have Platinum? Why settle for Code compliance, when you could have world-class compliance? Why settle for typical energy cost performance, when you could have lower cost?

RobustEnergy considers a competing energy solution to be a code-compliant energy solution that features "industry typical" cost performance and reliability. RobustEnergy will beat the competition on lifecycle costing, performance and risk management!

While collaborating with the owner's team, we will prepare the Basis of Design for a "robust energy" solution for your building. We will collectively author a comprehensive project management plan with work breakdown structures. A disciplined approach will be followed that will exceed the expectations of our client's team on schedule and below budget!

The RobustEnergy team has decades of cumulative experience in the design and development of top performing energy systems that have earned building owners LEED® Platinum status and peace of mind. Our team is ready to join with you in changing the status quo. Let's meet the challenge with a more simple solution that reduces costs and risks.

We invite you to contact us to learn more.