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Rich Herweck CEO
RobustEnergy - Rich Herweck CEO

Rich Herweck is the Chief Executive Officer of Robust Energy. Herweck founded RobustEnergy on June 1, 2009 to focus on energy solutions in the State of Texas that improve energy security while simultaneously improving the environment. RobustEnergy has developed strategic alliances that include strong players in the CHP industry in Texas. The Advisory Board and management team have decades of experience in the field. Herweck has assembled the right people to make deployment of CHP happen in Texas.

Under Herweck's leadership and advocacy skills, the Texas CHP Initiative was successful in having the CHP Energy Security language passed in two different bills, HB 1831 and HB 4409, during the 81st Texas Legislative session. These bills were signed by the Governor in June 2009. For the enhancement of energy security for critical infrastructure in the State of Texas, the new Texas law requires a CHP feasibility study for government facilities that are considered critical infrastructure.

TXCHPI and Herweck also achieved recognition for CHP in the 80th Texas Legislature. The result was inclusion of CHP in the Energy Efficiency bill, HB 3693, which called for a Public Utility Commission study of combined heat and power technologies in the State. Herweck directed TXCHPI members to advance the understanding of CHP as a means of achieving both energy efficiency and energy security post-hurricane Ike.

For forty years, Herweck has been in energy services in all areas of natural gas as well as LP-gas. Herweck earned a BBA in industrial management at North Texas in 1969 and an Executive Management MBA at Houston Baptist University in 1983.

After earning his MBA, Herweck established independent energy marketing companies that successfully competed with major oil & gas companies, including the marketing companies operated by Enron and Natural Gas Clearinghouse (Dynegy). As a marketing executive for independent producer Wagner & Brown, Herweck developed pipeline projects in several states and subsequently managed gas supplies for Southern Union in Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri.

In the mid-90's, Herweck marketed a new concept to Austin real estate developers - installing gas distribution systems in outlying suburban developments using LP-gas. He successfully developed a natural gas utility system for a Master-Planned Community in Houston, Texas, and then took his entrepreneurial skills to North Texas and formed an alliance with CoServ Electric Cooperative. Together, Herweck and the CoServ team developed what has become the fifth largest natural gas utility in Texas. In 2009, Herweck sold his interest in CoServ Gas in order to focus his continuing efforts on developing prospective clean energy solutions to meet the energy needs of the State of Texas.

RobustEnergy is a member of the Environmental Protection Agency's CHP Partnership. Herweck still leads the Texas CHP Initiative and is active in the Texas Gas Association and National Energy Services Association.

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