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What We Do

RobustEnergy LLC provides clean, energy efficient, reliable solutions.
RobustEnergy LLC provides clean, energy efficient, reliable solutions to meet facility energy requirements using advanced combined heat and power (CHP) technologies. Onsite power generation that captures potentially wasted thermal energy for the production of chilled water and steam for use in facilities provides the most efficient, ecological and economic method of providing power, heating and cooling.

The value to our customers includes:
  • Reductions in the facility's cost of energy (5-10% reduction)
  • Maximization of energy efficiency
  • Potential reductions in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Enhancement of the facility's energy reliability, security, and independence
  • Minimization of the facility's environmental impact (carbon footprint)
  • High LEEDŽ sustainability points
RobustEnergy has extensive experience in developing successful energy projects at both the onsite and utility scale. CEO Rich Herweck, the Executive Director of the Texas Combined Heating & Power Initiative, along with other organizers of the Texas CHP Initiative, has worked diligently and successfully to ensure combined heat and power is included in public policy in Texas.

The management and staff of RobustEnergy have a comprehensive understanding and capabilities in the designing, building and operations of a successful energy solution. With a total lifecycle perspective, RobustEnergy is prepared to be a partner throughout the entire life of the project. The process can include initial feasibility assessment including ownership structure options; development, construction and installation management; long-term operations; and any combination of these services that is appropriate for the specific situation.

RobustEnergy, with its strategic allies and board of advisors, has the capability to provide proven solutions that are both economically and technically practical. This strategic team includes engineering professionals, equipment manufacturers, and project developers, as well as marketing and project administration staff. The RobustEnergy Advisory Board is comprised of industry leaders from the CHP and energy community, including members of the Texas CHP Initiative and electric service providers.

We invite you to contact us to learn more.